Information Guide
Car Details

Location of Data Plates


  • Year - Year of Title
  • Body Number - First Number on the large Data Plate
  • Model Number - Second Number on large Data Plate (541, 542, 561 or 562)
  • Trim Code - Third Item on large Data Plate (T1, T600, T900 or T971)
  • Paint Code 1 - Part of Fourth item on large Data Plate. Contrast (B, L, P907, P909 or P914)
  • Paint Code 2 - Part of Fourth item on large Data Plate. Main (P903, P904, P905, P906,
    P908, P910, P911, P912, P913 or P915)
  • Color - Current color of car.
  • E-Number - Number on the smaller Data Plate (Begins with "E")
  • Engine Number - On a plate attached to the Engine (Begins with "1G", "2G", "1H" or "15")
  • Condition -
    1 - EXCELLENT - Restored to professional standard in every area or original with all components as new
    2 - FINE - Well restored; excellent original or well maintained original showing minimal wear
    3 - VERY GOOD - Completely operable original or older resoration showing wear or amateur restoration
    4 - GOOD - A driveable Met or deteriorated restoration. Components need restoration but are usable
    5 - RESTORABLE - Needs complete restoration. Not drivable but not wrecked or stripped
    6 - PARTS CAR - Not restorable.

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