Metropolitan Owners’ Club of North America Inc.

To bring together all those people who, own, admire, and enjoy The Metropolitan.

Our Journey with the Metropolitan

A Legacy of Passion and Preservation

The Metropolitan Owners’ Club of North America Inc. is a community built on the shared love for the Metropolitan, guided by the vision of unity, knowledge, and enthusiasm. From its roots in the ambitions of the American Motors Corporation to the establishment by C.R. “Dick” Maize, our club has flourished into a vibrant assembly of enthusiasts.

We’re committed to celebrating the Metropolitan’s heritage, offering our members a platform to exchange knowledge, share advice, and enjoy memorable experiences.

Our club goes beyond mere car ownership; it’s about cherishing every moment, building lasting friendships, and honoring the unique connection between people and their Metropolitans. Through our varied activities and resources, we aim to enrich the ownership experience, creating a thriving and inclusive community across North America.

Metropolitan Visuals

Capturing the Spirit of Metropolitans

Membership FAQs

Quick Answers to Your Queries
How Can I Join the Club?

Easily become a part of our community by selecting your preferred membership tier in our Membership page and filling out the application form. We welcome every Metropolitan enthusiast.

Where Can I Find Tips on Restoring My Metropolitan?

Access a wealth of restoration knowledge through our exclusive tips and tricks, and by connecting with fellow members who share their expertise and experiences.

What Benefits Do Members Receive?

Enjoy special access to events, our informative newsletter, a comprehensive vendor list, and a supportive community of fellow Metropolitan lovers.

How Can I Contribute to the Club?

Your involvement enriches our club. There are numerous ways to contribute, from writing articles to volunteering at events. Contact us for more information on how to get involved.

Start Your Metropolitan Adventure

Join the Metropolitan Owners’ Club of North America Inc. today and connect with fellow enthusiasts, gain exclusive access to events, and unlock a treasure trove of resources for your Metropolitan journey. Whether you’re a seasoned owner, a new admirer, or somewhere in between, there’s a place for you here. Don’t just admire from afar—become part of our vibrant community and create unforgettable memories with us.

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